Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Plan...

So after humbling my self last week, you know...feeling like Al Bundy, I needed to create a plan to keep me moving. Without a plan I might as well be walking around in the dark without a flashlight because I'll never figure out where I am headed. So, what's my plan, the high level one at least. Here it is...I am going to stick with running for the time being, although I may cross train a bit on the bike as the weather improves (it's snowing as I write this). I am planning on doing what I have decided to call "the ladder" or "la escalera" for my Spanish speaking friends. Beginning with a 5K and progressing through the ultramarathon. No I do not have my race calendar completely planned out as of yet, but I have it started.

Here's what I have so far...

1. 5K - TBD
2. 10K- Cooper River Bridge Run: Charleston, SC
3. 15K- Clinton Country Run: Clinton, NJ
4. 13.1- TBD
5. 26.2- TBD
6. 50K- TBD
7. 50M- Vermont 50/TBD
8. I think I have already gotten plenty ahead of myself, I better stop here for now.

So, the Root Of My Health for this week is to have a plan! Is the plan complete yet? No (check back next week on my progress and updates). Is it ambitious? Maybe a little too ambitious! But that's what makes it challenging and fun.

If there's something in life you want to do (it could be anything, not just running), but haven't begun to create a plan yet go ahead and sketch one out this week. If you are feeling even more ambitious share your plan with me by leaving it in the comments section below.


  1. To be fair, you cannot only climb a ladder, but you have to come back down too

  2. Hopefully, I don't break off too many rungs on my way up!