Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sometimes "Others' Fight" Puts Things Into Perspective

So, I am happy to say that I have had 3 good runs so far this week:
  • Saturday: 5.5 miles
  • Sunday: 5 miles
  • Monday: 3.5 miles
I felt good on each of them and really didn't experience any symptoms to speak of.  So I'll be continuing to work on building up my mileage over the next several weeks and will just have to see how it feels.  I will probably be forgoing the "run with the devil" this weekend.  Pretty bummed about it, but at this point my body probably isn't ready to run a 2-mile loop consisting of 1000' ascent on mile 1, followed by 1000' descent on mile 2 and then repeated for 3 hours.  I find life seems to work in funny ways and although I may not be ready to tackle a 1000' ascent/descent yet, another running opportunity presented itself that holds more meaning.

Two amazing women, Wandy Bush and Michelle Cyphers, are working to raise money to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure walk.  Pro-Activity and the Fuel Good Cafe have signed on to help.  The Fuel Good Cafe will be donating 50% of sales to Wandy and Michelle's fund raising effort and for every $80 raised staff from Pro-Activity will run 30 minutes on a treadmill parked along side Rt. 31!  If our goal of $2000 is reached Nick, Eric, Mike and myself will each be plodding along for 3 hours wearing our most supportive attire (I PINK I Can).  It should be a sight to see!

So as I have been battling this injury, albeit on the grand scheme of things a relatively minor one, it has consumed me.  Yes, sometimes we all need help to regain a little perspective.  Others' have way more serious battles to contend with each and every day then I have ever had to deal with and sometimes it's good to be reminded of that.  Life is an amazing privilege, let's not take it for granted.  I was reminded of this as I flipped through the pages of Running Times Magazine and read an article about Grete Waitz.  If you have never heard of Grete Waitz...she was only the first woman to run a sub 2:30 Marathon.  Unfortunately she lost her own battle to cancer on April 19th of this year, but left a lasting legacy in running and life!

So as I am out there running on Friday, I'll be running for Ann Hand (my wife's grandmother), Wandy Bush and all the other women who battle and have battled cancer.  I'll be running with pride!

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