Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So there's not much to update this week regarding "that knee thing".  After partaking in the ridiculous (#redrelay for you twitter folks) relay this past weekend the knee acted really consistently...when cycling- no pain or symptoms at all, it actually felt great.  When I threw on my running shoes to run (hadn't planned on doing this) a few miles with Renee down an unfamiliar trail the tell tail symptoms came on.  No, I didn't run again after this and the knee felt fine.  In any worth in continuing to dwell on it at the moment.  Heck there's plenty of other great stuff to dwell on...

With all that has been going on in the world know, that debt ceiling thing, dysfunctional government, war, uncertainty and the list goes on and on!  Take all of these external factors and throw them in with all the craziness of your personal life and you may have enough to make you go a little bonkers.  With all the debt the world and individuals seem to be bearing made me think about the idea of net worth.  In full disclosure I'm no MBA so this is certainly not meant to be a technical discussion on the matter, but instead more of a humanistic one.  In thinking about one's networth (an individuals net economic position) I began to realize that if I thought about it too long in the traditional (assets-liabilities) sense I would begin to get depressed pretty fast.  So interestingly enough just as I began to ponder what my actual net worth may be I came across an interesting blurb on "the new net-worth".  Ahh this made me feel better.

The idea is simple, instead of simply looking at financials in your life (which have not been tied very strongly to happiness or overall quality of life) take a more holistic approach and look at and evaluate 8 areas of your life...Mind, Body, Values, Career, Family, Social, Learning and Money.  Obviously this is not a new concept, but one I feel is important to come back to frequently...ensuring the balance of life in a time that can make us feel pretty uneasy.  So if you've got a few minutes give it a try and see if you are investing adequately enough in the areas that count.

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