Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Did This Weekend Instead Of Being Productive!

1. Tracked Irene

2. Took Lydia on her first Pony Ride (Picture) at the Hunterdon County 4-H Fair.

3. Prayed for a dry basement.

4. Tracked Irene some more.

5. Carried about 267 toys from the patio into the safe haven of the garage after comparing notes with my brother on children's toys that we might prefer to have blown away by the storm!

6. Extended a few downspouts.

7. Took Lydia to the park as Irene approached and hoped no one called child protective services.

8. Eyed the trees in my yard and tried  to calculate which room each would destroy if they fell on the house. Yes, that one is 3x bigger than my house!

9. Had tea time with Lydia...Best tea I've ever tasted!

10. Went out to eat with some great friends in Stockton, NJ as Irene began to bare down on Hunterdon County.  The car ride home began to get a little dicey!

11. Day dreamed about how awesome OhFar will be and if actually wearing lederhosen would be taking it too far!

12. Tried to figure out the best way to convince the dogs that going out in a Hurricane isn't that bad.

13. Laid awake in bed listening to the wind and rain...hoping I hadn't jinxed myself earlier in the day when I had that thought about the trees in my yard!

14. Walked to downtown Clinton and watched the South Branch of the Raritan River overflow it's banks.

15. Cleaned up water in the basement (Luckily it was minimal!)

All in all my family was extremely lucky as the storm provided us with only a glancing blow.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of the communities and families who have had their lives turned up side down by this storm.  I also commend and thank all of the utility workers who have been working tirelessly to restore those families and's truly a monumental task.  Thank You!

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